Presentations & Webinars for optimal student participation and Engagement.

Taking it to the Next Level

The nature of Sleep in Learning through the three stages of higher development: Imagination, Inspiration, and Intuition. How ‘forgetting’ creates a form of learning anew and builds from deeper capacities.

 Teaching into the Future

How do we incorporate the “unfinished” in every lesson?  How do we engage students in self-directed activities? Relationships with students and the role of ‘Student Voice’ is at the center of this presentation. The balance between teacher presentation and student participation in classrooms and home environments through living inquiry.

Clownmind in the  Classroom 

What is learning and how do you measure it? What is the role of imagination in imparting knowledge? Imaginative techniques for class teachers. Game playing a lesson plan. Riddles and the laughing classroom. Learning through laughter and tears. Stretching the soul development of children in the Grades.

The Emerging Human Spirit: Phases of Development

Throughout this talk, Diane generates the ability to understand inner competencies and relationships to human development from 0-21 through the activity of inner and outer centering the teacher, parent, and student.