A Response to Covid-19 for parents, teachers, and school administrators.

Free Online Participatory Webinar with Diane Walters.



Diane brings her enthusiasm and love for the Waldorf Curriculum to bear along with a deepening of child development, daily rhythms, breathing, student/teacher relationships and techniques to foster greater social bonds within the classroom. She seeks to strengthen teachers to provide a nourishing basis for their work with colleagues, children, youth and parents through active listening and living Inquiry.

Diane will work with the needs and pedagogical structures within the school’s guidelines, establishing an on-going basis for collaboration and dialogue with the teacher(s) undergoing mentorship. She will provide a written report of the mentorship process, addressing questions, concerns, challenges, and changes undergone by the teacher in question.


Diane is available to evaluate teachers when needed. She brings warmth, interest, and dialogue to play while seeking to support Educational Pedagogy, the School, and the teacher being evaluated. She will work with the structure of the school’s evaluatory process; as well as provide input to such processes. She will provide a written report of her evaluation at the end of her visit.


Diane holds monthly theme-based webinars for teachers using a Zoom platform. She sends monthly emails to schools with the calendar of webinars to register for.

This is the most cost-effective teacher development yet!

All of these webinars have been offered to faculties in the schools as well; often when she visits for an evaluative or in a mentoring capacity.

Coming Spring 2020

The Curriculum Seal/ Teaching out of Wholeness
How do we teach toward a wholeness of learning about self and the world? Indigenous values taught that wholeness is at the core of all life. What would it look like? A universality of learning styles, competencies, and interconnectedness through project-based participatory strategies for student engagement. The Curriculum Seal approach is ideal for home-based learning and in the classroom from Gr 1-12.

The Red Thread
Big ideas and Core competencies: Weaving Lesson content through the year in academics, social structures and into the future.

The Unfinished Lesson: Leaving Room for the Students
Teaching through Constructive Inquiry: Ultimately the concept that interconnected components such as the influence of the teacher, developmental essentials of adolescents, student engagement related to the needs of the times, and intuiting the unknown as teacher presenters, allow for teaching to flourish when creativity, choice, imagination, and constructivism nourish the adolescent spirit in the classroom. Diane uses Liberating Structures as a platform for online learning engagements.

New Presentation
The Tin Man and the Human Heart:
Teaching into the future of Artificial Intelligence.