A Living Dialogue 

What do schools need to keep them strong? I believe that when we recognize the ‘unfinished ‘ in human beings and in school bodies, we can develop true encounters which build rather than tear apart the foundations of a school organization. Relational co-creative approaches for dialogue between parents/teachers/board members and administrators are incorporated into what Rudolf Steiner terms as ‘Anthroposophia’’: “bringing living spirit into matter”. To do so in the light of education is a task which involves an entire community.

Possible themes for Community Talks:

  • The Biography of Rudolf Steiner
  • Temper the Temperaments!
  • Living Anthroposophia: Streams of Endeavor
  • Inner Dialogue: an Anthroposophical approach to Meditation
  • Community Building through Clay Sculpture (clay needs to be provided)
  • Community Building through group watercolour painting (Materials need to be provided)
  • The Emerging Human Spirit: Phases of Development


Webinars for Parent Groups, Board Members, Administrators.

Diane will invite you to participate in a specialized group webinar, which will address interests and concerns held by school groups. Questions can be posed in advance to be used as a base for group consultations services.

Diane holds monthly theme based webinars for teachers in Grades 1-8 using a Zoom platform. She sends monthly emails to schools with the calendar of webinars to register for. 

This is the most cost-effective teacher development yet! 

All of these webinars have been offered to faculties in the schools as well; often when she visits for an evaluative or in a mentoring capacity. 

Coming winter 2020!

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