I’m lucky to have Diane as my English Tutor. She seems to have a magic wand to make English grammar interesting. She sees my needs and adapts her teaching plans to fit my situation using specific Waldorf approaches. As an added bonus, we talk about Anthroposophy and Waldorf education during our English courses. Diane’s deep understanding of Anthroposophy and her rich Waldorf teaching experiences always bring me aha moments…
Sihui Huang, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China


Diane Walters has been a gift for me as a teacher. Her mentoring was filled with a deep understanding of the pedagogical needs of each age and stage of development, an open-minded and spiritually rich approach to the modern needs of Waldorf Education, compassion for and understanding of the challenges of each individual class teacher, and the humor and joy she exudes as a person. Diane’s evening lectures to parents carried an element of this zest and depth, and parents could easily connect with her and the material she was presenting. Any school would be blessed by a visit from Diane. Any individual would be blessed to receive her wise guidance and inspiration.
Tel Harlan, Fairbanks Alaska


For the past two years I have been welcoming Diane into my house as a virtual mentor for 3 hours/month. She does not make it visible but I am convinced she has a magic wand that can turn teacher challenges and trepidations into adventures you eagerly want to dive into. I cannot thank her enough!
Angela Brooks, Class Teacher, Whistler Waldorf School British Columbia Canada


Diane brings a wealth of experience and knowledge about both the practical aspects of working with children and the deeper elements of the unfolding human being. She offers great ideas for creating engaging lessons that provide form and structure, while at the same time, allowing each student to express his or her own personality and creativity. Diane’s insights and suggestions regarding the inner work of the teacher have been a real support to me during this uncertain time in our world. 
Laureen Loree, Class Teacher, Calgary Waldorf School Alberta Canada


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Diane Walters for over twenty-five years in a variety of educational roles, most recently through the dynamic and insightful talks and teacher support work she’s brought to the Calgary Waldorf School faculty. I can unreservedly endorse Diane for her mentoring work with teachers in the classroom and through the distance online links she uses. I hold Diane’s work in the highest regard and admire her continuing striving to develop herself as an artist, an anthroposophist, a Waldorf educator and ultimately as a human being. She brings enlivened teaching methods and inspired support to Waldorf schools and their teachers. 
Kathy Brunetta, Waldorf Educator


I have had the pleasure of working with Diane in person as well as through Skype for just over a year now. Being new to Waldorf Education the school blessed me with an amazing mentor. Diane brought such passion, enthusiasm, and support. She always had great books to recommend and constructive suggestions that really enlivened me as a teacher. Through Diane’s ongoing support and mentorship, I have blossomed into the teacher I had always wanted to be. I have grown so much professionally but so much more personally. Thank you Diane.
Clare Brooker, Samford Valley Waldorf School Australia


I am very grateful to have the opportunity to reflect on my work with Diane. She is intuitive, full of great suggestions and very present in all of our conversations. She contemplates my questions deeply and I ALWAYS find that I come away renewed, inspired and strengthened for my task . She has pointed me to many very important authors, poets, and philosophers. She makes a space that I can enter and feel understood and supported. She is the best mentor I have ever had. 
Elyse Pomeranz, Grade 8, Toronto Waldorf School 


I had the pleasure of working with Diane in my grade 3 class. She was a great support and I felt such a boost in my confidence after only one day! She remembered what it was like to be a new Waldorf teacher and I was comfortable with her immediately. Diane helped me understand teaching with/to the heart, head, and hands – something I was striving to do. She also helped me understand, really understand, Anthroposophy. What a gift it was to have Diane in my class.
Jackie Alston, Calgary Waldorf School Alberta Canada


Diane Walters has been a gift for our school. Her mentoring is filled with a deep understanding of the pedagogical needs of each grade, an open-minded yet anthroposophically sound approach to the Waldorf movement, compassion and understanding of the challenges of each individual class teacher, and the humor and joy she walks through life with. Diane’s evening lectures to parents carried an element of her humor and parents could easily connect with her and the material she was presenting. Any school would be blessed by a visit from Diane! 
Tal Harlan, Sandpoint Waldorf School, Idaho.


In the summer of 2001, Diane Walters joined a group of volunteers who travelled through Russia under the auspices of I.S.I.S. to help Russian teachers and medical doctors in Waldorf Schools. Diane guided many fascinating workshops in Arts and Crafts. People were thoroughly enthused by her artistic talents and by how she taught. All the necessary materials were brought over by Diane in big suitcases and were all donations.
I was also part of this visiting delegation and found Diane to be a delightful, joyous, positive, long-enduring travel companion and friend. 
Adola McWilliam, Curative Teacher, and Lecturer. The Ita Wegman Association of British Columbia. (for Curative Education and Social Therapy)


My son Nicholas enjoyed the benefits of a seasoned teacher who was always well-prepared, deeply knowledgeable of the curriculum, and enthusiastic about the processes of real learning. Diane’s style of teaching was innovative, non-dogmatic and open to intuiting the real needs of whatever group of students she was in front of. As a main lesson teacher or a practical arts teacher, Diane brought a deep sensitivity to the living pedagogical realities that stand behind the lessons of a Waldorf teacher. 
Mark McGivern – Parent


I have consistently found Diane to be an eloquent speaker, equally able and willing to speak to individuals and before a large audience. Diane has the ability to get her ideas across clearly and with a great deal of enthusiasm. She is generally well prepared and informed on the matter at hand. Diane is also a good listener, able to readily understand another person’s thoughts and perspective. 
Letty Bartels – Former administrator at the Nelson Waldorf School


“As a child, I was thrilled with Diane’s animated and magical way of capturing her students; bringing them into another world. She was so full of life, laughter, and love of teaching that there wasn’t a dull moment in the classroom. I couldn’t believe how enticing learning could be. She cared about each one of her students and always encouraged and gave us opportunities to bring our own individual light to the surface. To this day, I’m grateful for what she gave me as a teacher and what she still continues to give me as a friend. I am continuously inspired by her enthusiasm to share what she knows and the fact that she is constantly excited to learn more.” 
Nicolene Mackenzie, age 35. Former student


“Want a Speaker who is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and has a vision for the future? May we at the Harvest School recommend Diane Walters.  Diane is so well balanced With Waldorf Education in the 21 Century, she can speak to any type of audience and Answer questions with expertise, hope, and pedagogue. Diane helped our teachers, parents And board members with a great overview of Waldorf Education. 
Martha Starkey Triumph Learning Satellite Office. The Woodlands, Texas 


The Directors of ISIS Cultural Outreach International Society invited Diane Walters to represent Waldorf Education and Anthroposophy through lectures and workshops in Kirov, Nizhny Novgorod and Rostov-on-Don in Russia and in Tbilisi, Georgia, for a five-week tour in the Summer of 2001.
During that undertaking, Diane was loved for her humor and respected for her knowledge everywhere. Her lively enthusiastic way of speaking created enthusiasm in every one of her listeners. We highly recommend Diane for talks and seminars of lower and high school curricula and wish her success in the future. 
For ISIS International Monica Gold, director