Teaching into the Future

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Presentations & Webinars for optimal student participation and Engagement.

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These webinars have been offered to faculties in the schools as well, often when she visits for an evaluative or in a mentoring capacity.

“Taking a Breath” Well Being for Teachers

This participatory workshop offers educators an opportunity to consider avenues of self-development through taking a deep BREATH into inquiry-based small group discussion; which supports a  connection with themselves and their students. Participants will engage in liberating inquiry-based discussions in small groups which are aimed to provide an online interactive experience which can be transferred to virtual teaching approaches in the classroom in any subject.


Taking it To The Next Level

This participatory workshop offers educators an opportunity to consider avenues of inquiry-based on Taking it to the Next Level’ of working with Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition in Learning and Teaching strategies.  The nature of Sleep in Learning and how ‘forgetting’ creates a form of learning a new and builds from deeper capacities. The nature of Sleep in Learning through the three stages of higher development: Imagination, Inspiration, and Intuition. How ‘forgetting’ creates a form of learning anew and builds from deeper capacities.

Teaching into the Future

How do we incorporate the “unfinished” in every lesson?  How do we engage students in self-directed activities? Relationships with students and the role of ‘Student Voice’ is at the center of this presentation. The balance between teacher presentation and student participation in classrooms and home environments through living inquiry.

Clownmind in the Classroom

What is learning, and how do you measure it? What is the role of imagination in imparting knowledge? Imaginative techniques for class teachers. Game playing a lesson plan. Riddles and the laughing classroom. Learning through laughter and tears. Stretching the soul development of children in the Grades.


The Emerging Human Spirit: Phases of Development

Throughout this talk, Diane generates the ability to understand inner competencies and relationships to human development from 0-21 through inner and outer activity centered on the teacher, parent, and student.

The Red Thread

Diane works with Individual teachers to harmonize and deepen connections through teaching subjects which include Big ideas and Core competencies: Weaving Lesson content through the year in academics, social structures, and into the future.

The Curriculum Seal/ Teaching out of Wholeness

How do we teach toward the wholeness of learning about self and the world? Indigenous values taught that wholeness is at the core of all life. What would it look like? A universality of learning styles, competencies, and interconnectedness through project-based participatory strategies for student engagement. The Curriculum Seal approach is ideal for home-based learning and in the classroom from Gr 1-12.

The Unfinished Lesson: Leaving Room for the Students

Teaching through Constructive Inquiry: Ultimately, the concept that interconnected components such as the influence of the teacher, developmental essentials of adolescents, student engagement related to the needs of the times, and intuiting the unknown as teacher presenters, allow for teaching to flourish when creativity, choice, imagination, and constructivism nourish the adolescent spirit in the classroom. Diane uses Liberating Structures as a platform for online learning engagements.

The Tin Man and the Human Heart: Teaching into the future of Artificial Intelligence with Waldorf Approaches to Resilience.

In an age, we are calling the Digital Revolution Waldorf educational principles to hold core values of our humanity at the heart of education and human development itself. As technologies grow at a rapid rate and the world moves to realign systems of governance, education, the environment and the economy,  the age-old question of what is truly meant to be a human being is at the forefront of our way forward into a future which still holds love, trust, imagination, collaboration, and common sense. Find out what lies behind Waldorf educational practices and take them into your family’s emerging future.

Teaching into the Future

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