Teaching into the Future

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Taking your Family to Heart

Have questions and need solutions?

Do you have a curriculum which works for you but still have questions or just need an experienced educator who will take an active interest in your child and personal circumstance?

Book a single consulting session with Diane and receive tips and tricks and strategies for living educational strategies. Her advice comes from 35 years of teaching background in Waldorf and Independent schooling.

Book One Session: $120.00

Growing the Parent/Student Relationship

What if you had a personalized family coaching collaborator to support your decision to homeschool or find alternatives for your child?

Register for my Parent Package of two 1.5 hour online sessions with Diane.

Session One: Intuiting the Unknown element in Learning:
Child/youth personality, learning styles, passions and interests, motivators and hindrances to learning.  Diane will create a document which will address your child or children’s needs with a personalized approach to homeschooling aimed at successful engagement and heightened verve for learning. 

Session Two: Inspired lesson planning!
Diane will address specific needs with your child (children’s) learning styles in a follow up conversation based on supporting you to support your child’s program; identifying social, emotional, academic and physical strategies for engagement in verbal and written forms which foster deep connections for life long learning. 

Book Two Sessions: $200.00

All in the Family package:

Imagine homeschooling: Develop a homeschooling plan of action for the whole family:

Having taught ages 4-18 in outdoor, indoor and online learning environments, I have the capacity to listen deeply to your family’s needs. I am here to serve and support you as a family, providing strategies for developing rhythms in learning at home, activities for teaching through art, academic disciplines and movement. The whole family will be taken into consideration while working towards a unified approach to harmonized learning utilizing a variety of tips, techniques and strategies for engagement using the Curriculum Seal and Individualized learning plans. 

Book Three Sessions: $280.00

Understanding your child and family Dynamic!

Temper the Temperaments!

The four Greek temperaments are over 2000 years old and continue to offer deep pedagogical insights into the nature of the human being. These aspects of the personality can be invaluable guides for teaching and learning more about your child as well as how to deliver a full-bodied lesson using the temperaments. These insights offer a refreshing understanding of personality types for the whole family.  Diane brings these alive through a story, improv, and humour. This is a strong relationship builder for families!

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The Tin Man and the Human Heart: Teaching into the future of Artificial Intelligence with Waldorf Approaches to Resilience.

In an age, we are calling the Digital Revolution Waldorf educational principles to hold core values of our humanity at the heart of education and human development itself. As technologies grow at a rapid rate and the world moves to realign systems of governance, education, the environment and the economy,  the age-old question of what is truly meant to be a human being is at the forefront of our way forward into a future which still holds love, trust, imagination, collaboration, and common sense. Find out what lies behind Waldorf educational practices and take them into your family’s emerging future.

Join the Canadian homeschooling Conference to listen to Diane’s talk. 


Teaching into the Future

Whether you are a parent, teacher, School Administrator, I have the tools to support you.