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Diane's Bio

Diane Walters

Diane Walters MA, has 35 years of experience in Waldorf, outdoor educational programs and alternative Educational platforms.  Her work is deeply informed by her life-long interest in education and in life, through the lens of Steiner’s educational philosophy, contemporary educators, theorists and futurists who believe in the essential nature of a human centered approach to education. She offers parent and faculty talks, webinars, and online participatory sessions to develop a greater understanding of what makes us human, how we learn, and how we teach, whatever the subject, the system, and the environment.


  • Diane has trained in Waldorf education, Social Therapy, Biodynamic Agriculture, BA Eastern Washington University, and an MA from the Barfield School, Sunbridge College NY.

  • Diane designed and implemented an environmental outdoor school in Cordova Ak in 1985. From 1990-2008 she served as a Waldorf teacher grades 1 to 8. 

  • She has spent 10 years working online for Self Design Learning Foundation writing Grade 10, 11, and 12 curriculum courses, as well as adapting High School curriculum for special needs students in all subjects.  Diane is proficient with the BC Ministry core competency requirements and the Big Ideas behind them.
  • Current research and membership in the International Pedagogical Section and the Literary Arts Section of the Goetheanum.
  • Child study approaches that integrate learning support for Special Needs (six years living in Camphill communities in Ireland and Pennsylvania).
  • An up-to-date technological skill-set using Google Classroom, Moodle, Powerschool, Mahara, Liberating Structures, Microsoft Teams, Mural, Slack, Skype,  Zoom, and Google hangout conference calls among others still emerging. 

Headshot Diane Walters wearing a scarf amd white shirt

Professional Skills 

  • an advisor for teachers, parents, school administrators, school boards
  • Innovative ways to implement changes to curriculum based on student needs and blended approaches to learning 
  • Survey students to change programs or curriculum
  • Report on the effectiveness of current academic systems in place and devise strategies to meet social, emotional, and academic goals 
  • Devise strategies to improve educational quality and help implement new  approaches to learning 
  • Recommendations for different educational materials
  • Design new training programs and offer teacher training workshops
  • Match students to appropriate learning environments, such as special education programs

I am…..

  • Oriented toward service
  • Empathetic and sociable: Able to offer innovative solutions and connect with students, teachers, and school administrators
  • Skilled in identifying problems and brainstorming potential solutions
  • Possess excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Comfortable working independently and collaboratively with students, parents, teachers, and administrators. 
  • Qualified with a Master’s degree with a focus on Student-centered, project-based, and Inquiry-based learning approaches. 
  • 35 years of educational experience from K-12. 


My Personal Mission Statement

I believe I join countless others who are deeply concerned about the welfare of humanity and the rise of Artificial Intelligence, along with deep reverence for the laws of nature governing our beautiful planet. I strive to consciously aim to bring love, warmth, and integrity into a future which holds what it means to be fully human at the heart of education and of life itself.

Other interests which deeply inform my Consulting Practice: From eARTh to sky…..

I am a ceramic artist which holds and shapes the stillpoint of my personal well-being and deepens my understanding of the ground beneath my feet and the mountains in which I call home. With a childhood filled with rocks and gems and parents who owned a rock shop in Edmonton, I came by the name of my ceramic studio honestly. www.earthstudiosonline.com

I teach ceramics to adults and have a production line I currently call Emergence: where warmth meets light. D.E.Walters https://www.facebook.com/D-E-Walters-EARTh-Studios-455486414659143

My father built a telescope when I was 5 and I am still stargazing. I attend summer Star quests with my 12” Dobsonian Telescope.


Teaching into the Future

Whether you are a parent, teacher, School Administrator, I have the tools to support you.