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Diane Walters MA, has 36+ years of experience in Waldorf, outdoor educational programs and alternative Educational platforms.  Her work is deeply informed by her life-long interest in education through the lens of Steiner’s educational philosophy, contemporary educators, and futurists who believe in the essential nature of a human centered approach to education. She offers parent and faculty talks, webinars, and online participatory sessions to develop a greater understanding of what makes us human, how we learn, and how we teach, whatever the subject, the system, and the environment. This is the first of several online courses under Trade Secrets.

Rave Reviews

I started my career as a teacher and am finishing it by working with traumatized and socially alienated children. The Impact of Teaching through Story resonated with me because it lights the way to reaching out to all children through story to create a learning community of inclusion and belonging.  I would highly recommend this course to ANYONE WHO WORKS WITH CHILDREN.    The course videos and exercises are inspiring; trade secrets are illustrated with wonderful anecdotes and the work is meticulously referenced.  Diane Walters truly enlivened my learning through story and the depth of her experience which she shares so generously.  
– Jane Corkish, Cremona Alberta Canada

Trade Secrets: Enlivened Learning Through Story, Diversity and Inclusion – Course

Teach More Effectively at any Grade Level 

Build the teaching practice that you’ve always dreamed of. Discover fresh new tools for teaching more effectively and relating to your students to foster affinity, respect, inclusion and a deeper connection. This course will teach you how to feel empowered and inspired, and you’ll be able to tackle whatever life throws at you in your classroom.

In this self paced course, storyteller and teacher Diane Walters has distilled her 36+ years of experience to create this transformative program which has helped teachers, therapists, social workers  and homeschooling parents around the world. You’ll learn her tested strategies for increasing student engagement, ending professional and personal exhaustion.  Teachers deserve to feel nourished by the work they do and this course will take you there. With each lesson, you’ll learn how to engage more effectively with your students. . It’s time to take your teaching practice to the next level.

What Teachers are Saying…

I am lucky to have had Diane Walters guide me on how to tell a story. I used to strive for precision in storytelling, but Diane taught me how to make the story my own. This changed the way I told a story, making it relaxed and enjoyable.  Diane’s online course The Impact of Teaching through Story, Inclusion and Diversity allows teachers to experience the magic themselves. 
– Sihui Huang, Guangzhou Guangdong China

Highlights include:

  • Teaching strategies that work!
    • If you work with children in any capacity that involves their growth and education, refining the art of story telling will only enhance your practice. You’ll find that teaching any subject through storytelling is not only easy, inclusive and highly effective but fun.
  • Handle Conflicts With Ease and Cooperation
    • Manage conflicts and conflicting behaviour with pedagogical stories. You’ll learn how to naturally resolve any conflict together as class and with individual students. 
  • Classroom Management with Respect 
    • Traumatized children and youth can be intense.  The behaviors that stem from their pain can sabotage your class environment but when you know how to speak to their need to be understood, heard and honored, the disruptive behaviors  will melt away.
  • The Keys to Setting Boundaries
    • You’ll learn easy-to-implement tools for setting healthy boundaries for your teaching practice and for your students as you find the point of connection with multiple learning styles.
  • Understand how to teach through Diversity and Inclusion
    • People process, express, and respond to learning differently. 
      You will learn to play with interdisciplinary connections across the curriculum.
  • Raise the Bar
    • In this course, you will learn how you can develop the capacity for imagination for yourself and your students using multiple strategies. In Diane’s Trade Secrets.

What you’ll receive:

  • 7  Video Lessons
  • Real-Life Examples and Questions
  • Illuminating Practices 
  • Pdf downloads
  • Tools to practice in your classroom which boost participatory teaching strategies. 
  • Mindful Communication Skills
  • Personal consultation with Diane Walters over Zoom. 

Looking for ways to enhance learning and engagement to students of any gender, age, background?

It’s ALL about the Story! 

This course is for you if you work with children in ANY CONTEXT, or are keen to learn how the art of storytelling can make your teaching come alive. Learn tips and tricks and trade secrets from a veteran Waldorf teacher in storytelling techniques, comprehension of subject matter, and learning through the power of sleep. Take your approach to the next level by teaching through imagination and inspiration while developing a perception based approach to your teaching modality. Children and youth will flourish by utilizing the insights and trade secrets found in this course.


Teachers, therapists, social workers homeschooling parents do not need any experience, just a willingness to engage with the material. Using a journal is highly suggested for personal exercises aimed at leaving you energized!

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Training your faculty has never been so affordable. With my first online course, my aim is to offer affordable rates with ample resources to help you excel as a teacher and thrive within the field of education. There are 3 payment tiers available in order to accommodate various price points and situations. Get LIVE-TIME INSTANT ACCESS to 7 different lessons by signing up now! This course has been a work-in-progress for over a year and I am grateful to finally allow teachers, principals, and academics the opportunity to choose 1 of the 3 plans that fit the needs of your faculty journey to unlocking their full potential as a teacher! 

Signing up for this course not only provides you with exclusive content from 7 different lessons backed by pedagogical wisdom and my own personal experiences, but you will also have access to future email newsletters with teaching tips and tricks, classroom management skills, educators in a variety of disciplines and platforms with inspiring gems.


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