Teaching into the Future

Diane Walters Educational Consultant

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Innovative Keynote Presentations

When you book a keynote presentation with Diane Walters you book inspired insights into the nature of the human being. She motivates teachers and parents to view both teaching and learning from the perspective of deep authentic participation, inquiry, connection and storytelling. As a speaker she is global in nature yet offers clear pragmatic insights into education that attendees walk away with playful tips to apply and engage learners immediately.

Parent Guide

Sessions that take your family to heart and works WITH you to reimagine live education at home. I can provide a student and family with individual attention, firsthand knowledge of countless educational strategies , and the time to explore all of the options which will meet your child’s unique learning profile.

Faculty Professional Development

Faculty professional Development webinars, Teacher Mentoring and Evaluations. My Training Style is inquiry based, emergent and engaging while maintaining a professional backdrop of educational tips and tricks which serve teachers and school Administrators. I base human learning on a threefold system of thinking, feeling and willingness which allows you to take home ideas and insights you can put to practical, immediate use.




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An Integrative approach to subject based learning.

Schools + Organizations I Have Served:

Teaching into the Future

Whether you are a parent, teacher, School Administrator, I have the tools to support you.